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Changelist 2.2

Changes to DIPimage

  • New functions:
    • dipaddpath makes it even easier to add your own toolboxes to the DIPimage GUI.
    • snakeminimize implements snakes with and without balloon force. Support functions im2snake, snakedraw and snake2im help creating an initial snake, visualizing the snake and using the results in further processing. gvf and vfc can be used together with snakeminimize to implement Gradient Vector Flow and Vector Field Convolution snakes, respectively.
    • New overloaded dip_image methods dot and cross.
    • dip_image/det now works for tensors larger than 4-by-4.
  • Changed functions:
    • The image windows now allow the display to be saved as JPEG, PNG or EPS, in addition to TIFF.
    • Pressing the Enter key in the DIPimage GUI now will execute the command (finally!).
    • get_subpixel now converts to sfloat type, if appropriate, on newer versions of MATLAB. Previously it would always convert to dfloat.
    • Added tensor image support for the unary operators + and -, and for the binary operator /.
    • The mask parameter in radialmean is now optional, and added optional mask parameters to the functions radialmax, radialmin and radialsum.
    • watershed and waterseed no longer process pixels whose value is +Inf, marking them as watershed pixels. Set parts of the image that you do not want processed to +Inf.
    • diphist now optionally makes bar plots and line plots.
    • readim will now find the Bio-Formats Java program if installed, and use it to try to open files it can't recognize. The Bio-Formats program recognizes many microscopy file formats, and can be freely downloaded from
    • The dip_measurement class now contains axes and units information for measurement results.
    • Changes important when creating your own DIPimage GUI functions:
      • In a function it is now possible to specify which output variables to show when the function is executed from the DIPimage GUI (see the updated definition of the params struct in the DIPimage User Manual).
      • The automatic parameter parsing through getparams now allows to specify the allowed type, data type and dimensionality of input images.
      • "array" input arguments now can have a variable name as default value.
      • The functions paramtype_XXX, which a user can create to add functionality to the DIPimage GUI, now no longer have a 4th input argument with the 'control_create' command, and no longer need to set the 'Tag' value of the uicontrol they create.
  • Bug fixes:
    • fixlsmfile finally works on 64-bit architectures.
    • diphist now returns bin centers in the second output argument, as promised by the documentation.

Changes to DIPlib

  • Changed functions:
    • dip_Shift now returns an image of sfloat data type instead of a dfloat, except if the input image is of type dfloat.
    • dip_ExtendRegion now uses the user-defined global default boundary extension when not explicitly given as input argument, instead of using its own default.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Updated and fixed the documentation of the measurement functions.
    • Fixed bug in dip_RadialMean and friends. Also fixed documentation, which was missing two of the function's parameters.
    • Fixed bug with some 64-bit integer types under 64-bit Windows.
    • Fixed bug that sometimes caused a segmentation violation in the dip_FillBoundaryArrayXXX functions.
    • Fixed memory leak in dip_Tophat.

Changes to dipIO

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed memory leaks in dipio_ImageIsLSM and dipio_ImageWriteCSV.