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Changelist 2.8

Changes to DIPimage

  • Changed functions:
    • Simplified the internal structure of measure and related functions, using function handles. Some derived measurements that are computed outside of DIPlib now also set the 'axes' and 'units' properties.
    • dipisosurface produces better looking surfaces by adding an additional light behind the surface. It also has an additional input argument for the initial threshold.
    • gaussianblob is much faster.
    • @dip_image/rotate now also rotates 2D vector images.
    • When a dip_image is a single pixel, its value is displayed in a more useful way.
    • Indexing into dip_image objects is a little faster now, as are functions such as imarsizeisvector, and istensor
  • Bug fixes:
    • The internal function di_convertphysDims now works correctly, and is used in more functions. It takes care of properly adjusting the physical dimensions of a pixel.
    • The window title of linked image displays did not update correctly in certain circumstances.
    • resample did not set the units for the physical dimensions of the output image.
    • readim: avoiding errors with wrong metadata while reading BioFormats? (fix by Rainer Heintzmann).
    • writeavi was rewritten to work on newer MATLABs. readavi still does not work.

Changes to DIPlib

(These might or might not propagate to DIPimage)

  • New functions:
    • dip_Measure has a new derived function: dip_FeatureAspectRatioFeretID.
  • Bug fixes:
    • dip_BinaryPropagation() mixed up output dimensions under some circumstances.