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Changelist 2.5.1

Changes to DIPimage

Changed functions:

  • hist_equalize now accepts a histogram as a second input argument; the image's histogram will be modified to match it.
  • All numeric parameters to DIPimage functions (e.g. filter size) can now have any type, and will be automatically converted to doubles.
  • gaussianblob now can place multiple blobs at the same time, which is much faster than repeatedly calling the function.

Bug fixes:

  • Complex arithmetic is, once again, possible (bug introduced in version 2.5).
  • Logic operations (&, |, xor) can again be applied to non-binary images (bug introduced in version 2.5).
  • Arithmetic between a binary image and a scalar now again yields a sfloat image (bug introduced in version 2.5).
  • It is now possible to read image files that have quotes or other difficult characters in them.