Learning image analysis

Image Analysis AP3471
manual for elective M.Sc. course at TU Delft using DIPimage

Fundamentals of Image Processing
an online image processing book

Learning MATLAB

MATLAB online
MATLAB documentation

comp.soft-sys.matlab FAQ
FAQ for the MATLAB newsgroup

Other useful MATLAB toolboxes

a MATLAB toolbox for pattern recognition
a long listing of toolboxes, libraries and applications for scientific applications

Reading additional image file types

DIPimage recognizes many image file types, but not nearly all of them. To extend the range of readable image files, download the loci_tools.jar file from the Bio-Formats site, and put it in the common/dipimage/private/ directory of your DIPimage installation. Type help readim at the MATLAB command prompt for more information.

External libraries used by DIPimage and DIPlib

dipIO is part of DIPimage and uses these libraries. As they are statically linked into dipIO, you don't need to obtain any of them separately