DIPlib Non-Commercial License

The links below can be used to obtain a non-commercial license. This license is free, and can be used by students and staff in a University research project without an industrial sponsor. If you need to obtain the commercial license please read the license agreement and follow the instructions at the end of that page below 'Request license'.

The current version (2.9) of DIPimage is compatible with Matlab R2008a and up. This version will not run on older versions of Matlab!
Note that on MacOS the current version of DIPimage is compatible with Matlab R2009bSP1 and up.
Note that Matlab R2015b has a "feature" which results in an error with some DIPimage functions (e.g. read color images). This "feature" has been resolved in version R2016a. In other words: do not use Matlab R2015b with DIPimage!!!
Note that starting this version Windows 32-bits is no longer supported! Older versions with Windows 32-bits support can be found here:

You may download and use DIPimage and DIPlib after complying with the following three terms of use:

  • I agree to all terms in the license agreement.
  • I declare I will use DIPimage or DIPlib only for non-commercial purposes.
  • I declare I will not redistribute any of this software.
Please make sure you follow the installation instructions found in the DIPimage User Manual.

Read the Changelist (not yet available) for information on improvements, new functionality and bugfixes.
Operating system Matlab R2008a -  Images
Linux 32-bits dipimage_2.9_lin32.tbz images.tbz
Linux 64-bits dipimage_2.9_lin64.tbz
MacOS X (10.6 or higher) dipimage_2.9_darwin.tbz
Windows 64-bits automatic install DIPimage 2.9 installer win64.exe
manual install
  • The images can be downloaded in two forms: as a 'tbz' file or as a 'zip' file. Both files contain the same files, so you only need to download one format.
  • All versions have been tested on the following platforms:
     version  tested on  created with
     Linux 32-bits  Ubuntu 14.04.1 32-bits Matlab 2008a  Ubuntu 14.04.1 32-bits GCC 4.8.2
       Ubuntu 14.04.1 32-bits Matlab 2012a  
     Linux 64-bits  Ubuntu 14.04.1 64-bits Matlab 2008a  Ubuntu 14.04.1 64-bits GCC 4.8.2
       Ubuntu 14.04.1 64-bits Matlab 2016a  
     MacOS X  MacOS X 10.10 Matlab 2009bSP1  MacOS X 10.10 GCC 4.9.1
       MacOS X 10.10 Matlab 2016a  
     Windows 64-bits  Windows 2008 64-bits Matlab 2008a 64-bits  Windows 2008 64-bits VS 2012
       Windows 2008 64-bits Matlab 2016a 64-bits  

Older and unsupported releases

Throughout time support for older versions of Matlab have been dropped although we try to support at least the last two versions of Matlab. Older releases of DIPimage might support these older versions. These can be found in their respective directories here:
Also other mostly older platforms have been supported in previous releases of DIPimage. These can be found here:

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